Public-Private Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture


Sr. Vice President and SM Cares Program Director for Disability Affairs Engr. Bien Mateo and SM Foundation AVP for Livelihood and Outreach Cristie Angeles join the harvest festival in Zambales.

In the Philippines, agriculture is the backbone of many communities. But for far too long, farmers have struggled with outdated methods and limited resource access. 

This is an area where SM Foundation's Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan (KSK) program hopes to plant seeds of hope.

Iloilo City KSK Farmer Rita Soltis

Founded in 2007 by Tatang Henry Sy Sr., KSK goes beyond simply providing handouts. It equips Filipino farmers across the country with modern agricultural techniques. Through a 14-week hands-on training, farmers learn key agripreneurship skills–from land preparation to proper harvesting, ensuring better yields and higher quality produce.

KSK Farmer Rita Soltis spreads social good and fosters a sense of shared success by employing members of her community.

But KSK's impact extends far beyond the farm. The program fosters basic business principles, teaching farmers how to manage their income and explore market opportunities. 

Angeles delivers an inspirational message to the graduates of KSK

This newfound knowledge empowers them to become not just food producers, who are allies in food security, but also savvy business owners contributing to their community’s growth and our country’s economy.

Over 30,000 farmers from across the Philippines have graduated from KSK, creating a ripple effect of progress. They're not just feeding their families but contributing to a stronger food system and building a brighter future for their communities.

Through the years, SM Foundation's Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan have shown the power of lifting each other. By investing in the skills and knowledge of our farmers, we're not just building a stronger agricultural sector, we're building a stronger, healthier Philippines. 

By: Cristie Angeles, with Jhen Lizardo, Shiem Bahoy, AJ Dalisay, and Celestine Coste