The Founder

As I move on in life and work on more dreams, I have realized something – there is no limit to what we can do.

- Henry Sy, Sr.

His Life Principles

Tatang Henry Sy, Sr. lived by14 principles that helped him live a fruitful life. These are the principles he passes to the millions of people whose lives are touched by SM Foundation.

  • 1. Strive to be a leader in your chosen field.
  • 2. Be a person of integrity.
  • 3. Have a long term vision and strategy.
  • 4. Focusing means concentrating and prioritizing.
  • 5. Have great passion to achieve.
  • 6. Work hard.
  • 7. Be patient and persevere.
  • 8. Recognize opportunity.
  • 9. Be optimistic.
  • 10. Be confident.
  • 11. Be disciplined.
  • 12. Build your organization.
  • 13. Make it your mission to provide employment.
  • 14. Social responsibility is important.