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It takes a community to raise trees

There is wisdom that takes root in the old proverb, ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ In the same vein, SM Foundation Inc. (SMFI), the social good arm of the SM group, and the Fast Retailing Foundation (FR Foundation), are partnering with communities to raise various species of trees in the hope that … Continued

SM Foundation, Uniqlo Philippines aid the vulnerable in Bicol

Due to its location and geographic features, the Bicol region is vulnerable to typhoons. Just this year, about eight typhoons have hit the area, causing significant damage to properties and forcing residents to leave their homes. Responding to the needs of Filipino communities, UNIQLO Philippines, in collaboration with SM Foundation Inc. (SMFI), distributed construction supplies … Continued

Sinag Schools Program

Working towards its goal of providing clean and renewable energy to schools in grassroots communities, SM Foundation Inc. (SMFI) and Mexeon have installed solar panels in the SM School Building in Lemery Pilot Elementary School in Batangas. The partnership installed 21 solar panels, estimated to produce 6,510 watt-p. With the savings on electricity, the school … Continued

SM employees give the gift of volunteerism

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, SM employees went out of their way to ignite the spirit of volunteerism. Sharing the special gift of time and effort, they volunteered their skills, talents, and time to spread Christmas cheer, especially in communities that need it the most. SM employees give the gift of volunteerism … Continued

SM Foundation, partners’ blood donation campaign generates 3,000 bags

All it takes is just one poke to save lives. While blood donation drives are often conducted, blood shortages remain pressing in low- to middle-income countries. In the Philippines, blood donation activities were reduced during the height of COVID-19, making it even more challenging for the country to provide blood in times of need. Amidst … Continued

Healthcare where no one gets left behind

The sprouting acts of kindness have been one of the positive outcomes of the pandemic. As the world began to realize the value of health, stakeholders and volunteers stepped up and came together to respond to the needs of communities, especially its vulnerable members. SM Foundation Inc. (SMFI) and its partners, for one, have continued … Continued

Uniqlo, SMFI bring new life to health centers

The pandemic reminded us of the unpredictable nature of health and showed us the strength of collaboration in the community–one that has remained constant throughout the course of COVID-19. Especially in local healthcare systems, the combined efforts of local health workers and community members allowed us to slowly pivot toward health, safety, and recovery. To … Continued

Edifice of Hope

More than just an area where students gather to hold classes, a school environment plays a vital role in learners’ cognitive development. Research has shown that with an environment conducive to learning, students increase their attention and focus, and they are more motivated to practice higher-level critical thinking skills. Adamant to provide students with venues … Continued

A step closer to a new tomorrow

SM Foundation foundation (SMFI) further strengthens its decades-long objective of helping poor but deserving students to fulfil their dreams by having access to quality education. For the school year 2022-2023, SMFI proudly welcomed over 300 freshmen in its new batch of SM college scholars, completing the 1,300 current SM college scholars. Of the 300 new … Continued

From SM scholar to a beacon of hope

Aspiring young Filipinos from low-income households hold dreams of their own. While they lack resources, many of them have treasures no one can take: a steadfast grit to provide a comfortable life for their family. They dedicate their skills and abilities to pursue every possibility. One young SM scholar from graduating batch 2022, Jessel Pineda, … Continued

SM Foundation, UNIQLO Upgrade Seven Community Health Facilities

As the country faces the dire effects of the pandemic, the importance of access to quality healthcare become more apparent. Community based health care facilities became an important resource in managing not only the pandemic, but also provide primary care to illnesses. However, in countries with decentralized health systems like the Philippines, the quality and … Continued

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