We care, and we’ll always do


By Albert H. Uy

We care, and we'll always do

The Health and Medical Program team spearheading the medical mission provides free check-ups
as SM Foundation turns over the Santa Cruz Rural Health Unit (SCRHU), Laguna

SM Foundation’s workplace is unique in its own right. We, in the health and medical programs, provide care in crowded gyms or wherever our Mobile Clinic takes us. We work in local health facilities with peeling paints, and dim lights– an environment that mirrors the struggles of the community we hope to serve.

SM Foundation’s mission in health is to mend not just the physical structures or provide instant relief but also give a lasting impact in the hearts of the people who breathe life into communities.

We care, and we'll always do

The author in action as he places the 200th health center marker in SCRHU

We care, and we'll always do

The Health and Medical Program team spearheading the medical mission provides free check ups as SM Foundation turns over the Santa Cruz Rural Health Unit (SCRHU ), Laguna

In our journey, we always start by actively engaging with all stakeholders, conducting thorough community consultations. This ensures that when the ribbons are finally cut, they mark the dawn of a promising new tomorrow. When we explore potential collaborations with healthcare workers, we witness a shift: their weary eyes, burdened by the weight of decisions, are replaced with hope.

When we consult with patients, those who once lamented long waits and distant healthcare facilities find themselves energized with anticipation.

At SM Foundation, we are dedicated to fostering tangible connections within communities. Through strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, ranging from local NGOs and national government agencies to SM group employee-volunteers and community members, we have been able to achieve remarkable milestones. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in establishing our 200th Health Center*, a significant achievement for the SM group. Moreover, it has paved the way for the successful execution of various projects over the years, including our recent initiatives at:

  • Department of Education (DepEd) Quezon City Schools Division Office (QC-SDO) Medical and dental clinic
  • UP-PGH’s Division’s Pulmonary Medicine Post[1]COVID PulmoCare Hub
  • Santa Cruz Rural Health Unit, Laguna*
  • 118-120 Health Center, Caloocan City
  • Lucban Health Center, Baguio City
  • Air Force City Hospital, Clark

We care, and we'll always do

Dr. Bertos (rightmost) and volunteers from SM Supermalls arrange for the medicines to be distributed in Baguio.

We care, and we'll always do

Senior Project Manager Dr. Bless Bertos and Samson distribute free medicines in one of their
medical missions

The change didn’t happen overnight. It was a steady hum of progress. The children, once hesitant shadows in the corners, are now eager to play with our inclusive Mobile Play Cabinets. With the introduction of rainwater catchment systems, air-cleaning paints as well as the vibrant interiors, energy-efficient fixtures, and appliances, patients began to feel a step closer to healing. The health workers, their shoulders now lighter, walked in their conducive workspaces with a renewed spring in their step.

For years, the SM Foundation team has proven that when one truly listens to the heartbeat of a community, you don’t see the cracks in the walls as failures, but as opportunities to rebuild. As we move forward, we will continue to mend the broken bridges of healthcare, one community, one health facility, one heartbeat at a time. We will continue to extend our passion, service, and care like we always do. (With Connie Angeles, Dr. Bless Bertos, Dalfhen Samson, Roma Hierro, Rolando Sagun).