Confluence of sportsmanship and stewardship

While Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) began in unregulated environments like fight clubs, organizations, particularly in the West, it has now transformed into a mainstream sport with standardized rules and equipment. This evolution has elevated MMA beyond its early image.

Beyond the entertainment value, MMA has evolved into something far more meaningful, serving as a platform not only to develop exceptional athletes but also to give back to communities in impactful ways.

Marking a decade of commitment to promoting the sport while fostering social responsibility, the University of the Philippines Beta Sigma Fraternity-Los Baños Chapter is set to hold the 10th edition of the " Battle Royale X: Maxima -#FightForSocialGood" amateur MMA event on February 16, 2024, with its social good partners, including the SM Foundation.

Building upon MMA, the Battle Royale aims to provide a platform for aspiring and up-and-coming athletes to showcase their skills for a cause.

The proceeds of the event will be allocated to community service initiatives under the “Operation Big Brother” program, which has been serving vulnerable communities for five decades.