Environmental Sustainability


Considering its rapidly growing operations, SM recognizes the impact it has on the environment. The company has taken measures to prioritize the efficient management of its resources. SM religiously tracks its use of energy and water, as well as its waste and


Aside from efficient management of its resources, SM holds events to raise awareness of communities on energy efficiency. Working hand-in-hand with WWF-Philippines, all SM malls annually shut off their lights to participate in the Earth Hour, the world’s largest celebration to raise awareness of the world’s environmental concerns. 


SM conserves, treats, and reuses water for sustainable operations and efficient commercial consumption. Using a daily water recycling system, SM recycles used potable water for its cooling towers, comfort room flushing, grounds keeping, and even irrigation. In 2016, 33 percent of SM’s potable water consumption was recycled. That translates to 4,707,466 cubic meters of recycled water equivalent to 1,882 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


SM remembers their commitment to their stakeholders on environmental performance, to ensure that we continue to grow in a way that is efficient and sustainable. SM has also committed to business continuity planning which is rolled out to all mall tenants and business partners.

Program partners include the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), WWF, Earth Day Network Philippines (EDNP), Climate Change Commission, Solar Philippines and SM Cinemas.

SM publishes a Sustainability Report annually to share all its initiatives and data, rated by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).