Your guide to conquering the scholarship application season

Your guide to conquering the scholarship application seasonSM Scholar Jane Sison and her family celebrate as she receives the acceptance of her SM College Scholarship program.

The college scholarship application season can be a whirlwind of excitement and pressure. Staying organized and focused can feel overwhelming with numerous applications, deadlines, and requirements. 

However, take a step back to make this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity count. Navigate this important phase with confidence by following these handy tips from the SM Foundation:

  1. Find the scholarship for you

Explore scholarships aligned with your career and academic aspirations, background, demographics, hobbies (volunteering, niche interests), and more. Research online scholarship databases, connect with your guidance counselor, and explore scholarship websites for specific opportunities.

Is the scholarship program of your choice sponsoring your target major or program? Do you meet their preliminary qualifications? Do they offer other benefits that will help hone your skills and interests?

  1. It’s never too late to prepare

Procrastination is your enemy. Begin organizing as soon as you decide to pursue scholarships. Create a system to track deadlines, required documents, and your progress. Utilize a spreadsheet, checklist, or install a productivity app to stay on top of everything. This proactive approach will alleviate last-minute stress.

  1. Keep tabs on the dates, deadlines

Just like schoolwork, treat deadlines with the utmost respect. Set reminders well in advance, allowing ample buffer time for unexpected technical issues. Whenever possible, submit your applications early to ensure your submission is successful and to demonstrate your commitment.

  1. Conquer the interview

The interview is one of your chances to show your grit and passion for education. Showcase your passions, challenges overcome, and aspirations for your family and community. Be genuine, articulate, and confident as you share your journey and future goals.

  1. Attention to detail is key

Scholarship applications often have specific requirements regarding requirements. Scrutinize the application instructions and adhere to them meticulously. Double-check for typos, ensure proper file formats, and submit all necessary documentation to avoid application disqualification due to technicalities.

  1. Embrace the journey

The scholarship application process can be challenging, but remember, it's an investment in your future and a valuable learning experience. Stay positive, and persistent, and celebrate your achievements along the way. 

By following these tips and showcasing your unique qualities, you'll have a smooth-sailing scholarship application season that could pave the way for your academic and professional success.

If you’re eyeing the SM Foundation College Scholarship Program, the application period runs until March 31, 2024. To learn more, visit or follow @SMFoudnationInc.