Summa cum laude talks about dreaming big

Medjugorje Uy, 19 years old, grew up in a loving environment despite living in a shack on the edge of a construction dump site. As the daughter of a single parent, she and her mother supported themselves through various odd jobs.

“I’ve worked as a part-time carwash girl, sold rags and even sold lumpiang shangai and maruya with my mother,” Medjugorje recalled.

All the while, she worried if she would be able to continue her studies after graduating high school. But her worries faded when good news came from a phone call informing her that she was accepted into the SM Foundation College Scholarship Program.

“For me, SM Foundation and the Sy family became a big part of my life. They gave me the opportunity to prove myself,” Medjugorje said.

Her time as an SM Scholar also gave her a chance to experience the things that she could not enjoy before.

“I really looked forward to the annual general assembly where we had our movie screenings because these were the things that I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy while growing up and working.”

Medjugorje’s story also served as an inspiration to other SM Scholars. In last year’s annual general assembly for SM Scholars, she was invited to share her struggles and triumphs in life.

“I am one of the thousands which were affected by Tatang and his family’s hard work. I am a proud SM Scholar who hopes of being like Tatang in the future and serve as an inspiration to the youth.”

Medjugorje urges those who aspire to craft a better future for themselves but are hindered by their current circumstances. She emphasized, “Dream big, but be sure to make your efforts bigger.”

Medjugorje graduated summa cum laude from National University with a degree in Education, major in English. She is one of the 225 SM Scholar-graduates lauded at the annual Presentation of Graduates event on May 25.

She also recently joined the SM family as she accepted a position at SM Sangangdaan in Caloocan. Each year, SM Scholar-graduates are offered jobs at SM companies through an exclusive job fair before the Presentation of Graduates event.

Photos and updates of the event may be seen using the official SM scholar hashtag #smiskolarako.