SM Foundation transforms San Fernando, Cebu’s Health Center

SM Foundation, the social good arm of the SM group, recently refurbished the San Fernando, Cebu’s Primary Care Facility. 

The foundation's initiative involved a comprehensive overhaul, updating the center’s layout and design and equipping it with new medical tools and equipment to help provide quality care to the community it serves. 

The said developments adhere to DOH's safety standards. Beyond PhilHealth accreditation, the revitalization of the center also aims to provide a consistent level of care and enable them to continuously improve their practices and services.

Aligning with the #SMGreenMovement, the foundation also integrated sustainable solutions into the center's infrastructure. They installed a rainwater catchment system as an additional water source for the outdoor needs of the facility.

Moreover, energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures and inverter appliances have been installed, along with regionally sourced plants to accentuate the facility's design, reducing its ecological footprint. Further promoting a healthier environment, the foundation used air-cleaning paints to cover the majority of the facility.

Beyond infrastructure, the SM Foundation’s commitment to inclusivity continues. A mobile play cabinet for children and a dedicated breastfeeding room cater to the specific needs of mothers and their little ones, ensuring a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.