SM Foundation, MSDC turn over 100th school building to Looc ES

Students in front of the newly turned over SM school building in Looc, Nasugbu, Batangas.

Staying true to its commitment in spreading social good in grassroot communities, SM Foundation (SMFI) and the Manila Southcoast Development Corp. (MSDC) recently turned over SM’s 100th school building to the Looc Elementary School (LES) in Nasugbu, Batangas.

This two-story, four-classroom SM school building is complete with armchairs (some are designed for left-handed students), teachers’ desk and chair, wall fans, concave panoramic whiteboards, wall clocks, and washroom in each classroom. One of the rooms was also converted to a fully-furnished library – which intends to promote the love for reading among the students of LES and at the same time, improve their reading and comprehension skills. The library was also equipped with computers and printers in order to prepare the students to be digitally competitive.

Looc Elementary School students in the library at the newly turned over SM school building.

A student using the computer at their new library.

It also boasts a ramp and a toilet for persons with disabilities (PWDs) on the first floor. The building is also emergency-ready (with fire and earthquake alarm bells) and emergency lights at the landings of both staircases for safety.

In his speech, SMFI Trustee Ramon Gil Macapagal noted that this building is the first SM school building to be made of all-steel, all-concrete materials, making it termite-proof and disaster-proof.

10-faucet handwashing facility installed by SM Foundation at the Looc Elementary School.

A class at the SM school building of Looc Elementary School.

Macapagal also highlighted the use of whiteboards to replace the traditional blackboards but still retaining the usual concave panoramic look. A concave panoramic board ensures that writings on the board are visible on all sides of the room. The building also has an insulation on the roof to protect the students from severe heat. All of these innovations aim to offer a comfortable and better learning experience to students – which in turn improve their academic performance.

Furthermore, in support to the recent celebration of the Global Handwashing Day, a 10-faucet handwashing area at the side of the SM school building were installed. This feature of SM’s School Building Program aims to promote handwashing among the students of LEC – which decreases the chance of the students in terms of having diarrhea and other gastro-intestinal diseases.

One SM

A day prior the ceremonial turnover of the SM school building, SM Retail employees showed an act of volunteeriSM by organizing a fun-filled day of sharing for the children of Looc Elementary School. These students enjoyed a party that was complete with games, gifts, food, clowns, face painting, and contests.

Later on that day, SMFI partnered with TV5 Alagang Kapatid co-host Menchie Silvestre to lead a book reading activity for the students. This promotes the importance of reading in the overall knowledge acquisition process of the learners.


Storytelling activity led by TV5 Alagang Kapatid co-host Menchie Silvestre.

According to Looc ES principal Luciana Tulagan, the school will now have a single shift class schedule (before they have double shift) and their classroom to student ratio will now be ideal at 1:35 (previously it was around 1:45) because of the construction of the SM school building.

Other present at the event were SMFI Executive Director for Education Linda Atayde, MSDC Site Administrator Engr. Mario Chavez, and other officials and representatives from SM, MSDC, DepEd, and local government unit.

A student during the gift giving event led by The SM Store.

A student happily showing the gift that she received from The SM Store.

Since 2002, SM Foundation is an active partner of the Department of Education (DepEd) for its Adopt-a-School Program.