Ivy and Don were SM Scholars.

Ivy and Don were SM Scholars.
They both had a dream and worked hard to achieve it.
Sa #tamangpanahon, they found each other.
Their first meeting was as SM Scholars at the Far Eastern University-East Asia College while taking up their degree in Computer Engineering. In time, Don fell for Ivy’s smile, and Ivy, in turn, became captivated with Don the gentleman. After graduating, both pursued their careers.
In 2013, they tied the knot and were later blessed with a baby boy.
Ivy and Don took courage and ventured into a business of their own. Its success allowed them to buy their dream car and their dream home.
Don cannot count the blessings that poured into his life since he became and SM Scholar. “God has blessed me with a friend and a partner in life who supports and respects my decisions,” he said.
Ivy happily recounted, “You are still true to your promise to love me, respect and provide for our family. I love you.”


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