The Founder

Henry Sy

“With these growing and expanding CSR initiatives, SM Foundation has remained focused, committed and dedicated to our vision of empowering our people. No doubt as we continue work together, we can scale new heights and empower even more people.”

Henry Sy, Sr.

His Life Principles

Tatang Henry Sy, Sr. lived by 14 principles that helped him live a fruitful life. These are the principles he passes to the millions of people whose lives are touched by SM Foundation.

His Life Principles

  • 1. Strive to be a leader in your chosen field.
  • 2. Be a person of integrity.
  • 3. Have a long term vision and strategy.
  • 4. Focusing means concentrating and prioritizing.
  • 5. Have great passion to achieve.
  • 6. Work hard.
  • 7. Be patient and persevere.
  • 8. Recognize opportunity.
  • 9. Be optimistic.
  • 10. Be confident.
  • 11. Be disciplined.
  • 12. Build your organization.
  • 13. Make it your mission to provide employment.
  • 14. Social responsibility is important.

SM Foundation, Inc.